Monday, December 6, 2010

The Persistent Little Witch's Kitchen Blessing

Witchy Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Goddess bless my kitchen, hands and mind,
May love and blessings come
With each recipe I find.

My kitchen is my sacred, happy place,
Where memories are made.
Floured little noses, and dough on walls 
remind me of all the giggles that soon will  fade.

When my batter crumbles, or my cake should suddenly fall,
Remind me Goddess, 
To step back a bit and remember
To Laugh at it All.

I give thanks for all ingredients,
I give thanks for the gift to bake,
I give thanks for the gift to cook a meal,
That love and passion make.

Goddess, protect my kitchen,
and all who enter in it with me,
Keep me focused and attentive,
As I ask so Mote It Be.