Friday, April 15, 2011

I Need Some Dough....

No, seriously, I need some dough.

Not the money kind of a dough, a starter dough. I am not quite sure which one to use for our latest class project on breads. There are 3 of us on a team, each having to create our own unique bread formula consisting of a starter dough and some filling of some sort if we desire, along with a recipe chart which consists of the amount of ingredients used(which includes oz/grams/lbs of each ingredient), we also need to have the baker's percentage of each ingredient used in reference to the total flour weight.

Fun times folks, fun times.

I have a pretty good idea of the type of bread I am going to use. And after I make it I will post a photo of it for all to see along with the ingredients I used to formulate this bread. 

I'm nervously excited about this. I just hope it turns out okay.

I had more to say but this goofy firefox isn't playing nice with me today. I hit enter in my blog here, and the cursor just sits there, blinking at me...not moving. I'm sure Mercury being retro is probably also helping to wreak havoc on me today.

Anyway, to whomever should pass by my blog today, be sure to have a lovely weekend, week, month.

Until next time.....