Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photos of Some of My Baked Goods

Above: These are Roshkies and your basic Chocolate chip cookies which I made for Christmas/Yule 2008. My grandmother use to make these all the time, she'd fill them with Poppy seed, Apricot and Walnut fillings. Yum!

Above: This is our infamous "last minute" Spongebob cake. It was the Spongebob Marathon weekend on Nickelodeon and the kids wanted me to bake them a Spongebob cake. Mind you, specialty cakes really aren't my "thing", however, I think this came out fairly well for a novice like myself LOL

This is one of the two Yule cakes I made with my kids. We had a blast making this. Just a simple cake, nothing fancy going on here of course. I'll tell you a secret though, this cake sunk (i don't know how) and I stuffed mini-marshmallows in the cake dips to even it out LOL Not something I'd serve to an adult(unless it was some sort of Rocky Road Cake) but the kids enjoyed it.

This is a chocolate pudding cake. Most delectable cake I've ever eaten. A friend of mine was visiting me and we threw this one together, and had fun doing it in the process.